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Cellar Service

The wine cellar and tasting room at our facility are meticulously designed and built to ensure optimal storage conditions for your cherished vintages.

Design – All materials in design and construction were carefully selected from Europe and America. The building is also extraordinarily environmental friendly, emitting absolutely zero chemicals. Sprawling out over 8,000 square feet, the cellar area includes individual storage cellars of every conceivable size and type.

Technology – Carbonated fire-resistant cedar woods, computer-stabilized temperature and humidity control systems, 24/7 artificial intelligence fine tuning of the storage environment and certified firefighting system… Just a few reasons you can have every confidence when you choose us as your storage partner.

Personalized services – Unlike many other wine cellars, we only allow our private cellar members to enter their personal storage through Fingerprint entry and personalized key card entry. With a well-developed security system installed and a 24/7 online CCTV that allows our staff to monitor via the internet at any time and from anywhere, your wine are in safe hands! In the unlikely event of any problems, you will be alerted by sophisticated connect-to-cellular security SMS messages.

Feel free to ask us about anything that came across your mind. We are more than happy to assist you!